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As a child, I concerned myself with too many cares to count, mostly for the sake of control and fear of the future. 

As more and more of my fears came to fruition, I was struck with the oxymoronic truth: peace in the midst of chaos comes from giving up control and gaining fearlessness.

I am a creative, organized creature, married by the grace of God to a grace-giving man. We have defied odds in our relationship and are miraculously raising four little boys.   

I continue to live out oxymoronic contradictions daily. As a former English teacher and lover of words, I have blogged for a decade while ignoring basic grammatical rules. Educated in public universities, taught in private, and now I am homeschooling my own. Words have always been important to me.

Quiet words become inspirational stories that change lives. Because the world can be a bit loud, we all need to share tools to simplify and create peace in the chaos.

I invite you to carefully LOVE, GIVE, SHARE, and GO with me.

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