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  • Katie Smith

Rebuild Carefully and Carelessly

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

When "busy" becomes commonplace, broken is the only way to back to calm. Broken bodies, broken relationships, broken plans, broken world. Sometimes broken is the only way back.

Coming from a "broken" family, later learning my broken body shouldn't bare children, then a broken engagement resulting in broken friendships, led me to my knees (the only posture of survival).

The only way to rebuild something that will stand the weight of time is to wait patiently for God to work powerfully. Ancient prophets, Jeremiah and Nehemiah would agree that one can't take short cuts in rebuilding projects.

Unfortunately, waiting increases wondering and wandering. Thus, purposeful plans with careful concern, yet careless joy during times that require patience, is vital to thriving in the broken.

The Coronavirus has broken the busyness of life around the globe in a matter of moments, making it easy to carelessly make claims about when to be calm and when to be careful. Yet the intentionality and creativity must continue now more than ever if we are going to rebuild our lives in close-quarters.

Careful and careless can coexist when they don't conform. Rather than fear, face forward. Intentionally pray before pressing play on the day. Carelessly laugh when your space isn't spacious. Sing in the rain. Dance in the storms. Thank God for gentle gifts that arrive in hidden hardness. Trust that we know very little about what tomorrow holds. Then, find someone to hold or help, even if that someone isn't close.

Be Carefully Careless as we rebuild together.

With love,


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