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  • Katie Smith

Tightrope Tension

We don't have to admit to a bipolar syndrome to empathize with the vacillation of human emotions. Our desires can be shaped, molded and recreated like clay. We want one thing when we are surrounded by it day after day. Our tolerance, tastebuds or trappings experience first-hand flavors of the flesh and we slowly shift our goals or preferences to match.

Those desires can just as easily move in the opposite direction hungering for a strangeness not from this world. A longing not understood by the natural desires among our neighbors. Rather, we shift our desires to a backward, right-side up, heavenly aroma that feeds the spirit.

In the end, we must walk the tightrope tension between giving into the flesh and saturating stalemates, or pursuing the small narrow path that leads to abiding in abundant life. When we overcorrect at any point (as we all naturally do), we can rest assured that there is a fully padded net of grace hung under our rope by the perfect Spirit of Christ. He will never stop catching us, correcting us, and caring for us as long as we live.

Thus, instead of seeing our desires as disheartening or dramatic, maybe we can give each other grace that they are all momentary here on Earth. We are ever-changing, our neighbors are ever-changing, our emotions are ever-changing, and our relationships are ever-changing, so this world and all it's hardships or heroes are ever-changing too. Viruses will change, laws will change, and people will change, but one thing remains the same: God truth in love. That's a promise worth tying to your tightrope. His truth is stable and His net is ever-reaching!

Our boys keep changing too, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse, but no matter how the wind blows, it's a beautiful process to behold.

~Carefully Careless

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